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Concepts of SustainablE Bioeconomy

Perspectives, concepts and approaches of the bioeconomy

Advanced Sustainable entrepreneurship

Skills and mindsets for starting businesses in a changing world

Forest Bioeconomy in Europe

Role and significance of forests and forest-based industries in European bioeconomy actions

Sustainable agroproduction for biorefining and bioenergy

Knowledge and insights into tomorrow's agriculture

Other courses we Recommend

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Systems and value chain analysis

Bio-Inspired Innovation - Utrecht University
BioCirce International MSc - BioCirce Group
Circular Economy International MSc - CIRCLE Group
Biological Resources - Rhine-Waal University
Sustainable Chemical Engineering - University of Bath
Bioeconomy - University of Hohenheim
Sustainable Technology - KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Materials Science

Biodesign - University of the Arts London
AMIS - AMIS Partnership
Biobased Materials - Maastricht University
Wood Materials Science - University of Eastern Finland

Bioprocessing / Refinery

Biotechnology for Sustainability - NOVA Lisbon
Biorefinery Engineering - TU Graz